Hello Again!

So it has been many a months since I have written anything on my ghost of a  blog. Honestly I have been in a ginormous rut, since I have been unable to write anything. I look at my blog and I think to myself, what is my blog actually about? It has no direction whatsoever. I just write about whatever comes to mind and then put them into categories that I believe make sense and there you have it. DD’s blog!

But seriously, I need to refocus my blog. I need to focus on a few topics, subjects, points. I need to give my blog direction and a path to follow. I mean I am not famous so just writing about myself can come across as a little self centred perhaps. I do enjoy the odd creative post, and then the well runs dry and I end up in a dessert starved of creativity. I Love Jesus obviously, but I do fear that my lack of knowledge of the bible could unintentionally lead people down the wrong path. Then I think about my career and Psychology. Perhaps I could focus on that right..?

Or not?

God only knows.

So what do I do? Do I carry on in the hope that my blog will finally come together?

Do I scratch this blog and start again?

What do I do?

And so, back to the drawing board I go. For now I will try to continue to write on my blog, but I believe in the future I will be revamping it. Perhaps I could widdle it down to 4 or 5 main topics that I talk about. That way I don’t have to only focus on one topic but still give my blog a direction and focus.

Now the rant is over, phew, I can go and plan plan plan. If you have any tips, or ideas that I could take into consideration then please contact me.

Thanks for reading


DD x


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