A note about my ideas

So I have a plan so far as to what I believe I am going to make my blog about. I have chosen 6 topics to focus my blog on and have made an 8 week plan on what days I will post and what the theme for that post will be. I think I have started rather ambitiously, however, since I love so many things I only manages to reduce it to 6 main topics.

  • Fiction:-  All things I write, from poems, to short stories, to letter, completely fiction, based on real life but not real experiences. This will happen fortnightly on Mondays.
  • Food:- Recipes and reviews of restaurants and the sort. This will be Fortnightly on Fridays.
  • God:- Things I have learnt from the bible and any lessons or services I may have attended. This post will be on the Sabbath, every Saturday.
  • Work:- How work is going, any experiences that I may want to share and progress on getting any closer to being a career gal. On Wednesdays will come posts from this theme.
  • Travel:- Places I see and visit. My take on it and account of how I felt. This will happen fortnightly on Tuesdays where I will force myself out in the city or countryside where ever I may be. If I go on a holiday then my blog will be focused on travel where it will be a daily blog of the holiday.
  • Relationships:- My encounters with friends, family, my beloved and my cats. This will be fortnightly on Thursdays.

And just as a side note, every Sunday I will be writing a small note of notices and updates just so you all know whats going on, if there will be any changes and so forth.

So there you have it, my plan so far. I think I have overwhelmed myself. And I would love to follow it completely and complete the whole 8 weeks, but I am also aware of my complete commitment issues to this blog. Thus, all I can say is that I will try my very best!

Thanks for Reading, and remember if you have any questions or tips, feel free to contact me.


DD x

P.S This will start the week beginning the 27th of February.



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