The great Villa Borghese

Yesterday was such a lovely afternoon as we spent it in a beautiful park right in Rome called Villa Borghese. Please if you ever go to Rome and want a nice day out with kids and a picnic, then this park is a must. We didn’t take a picnic with us, but if we had known the park was going to be so nice we would have probably planned better. There a many bikes you can hire including segways, a playground, a zoo and many buildings that you can look around in.

Because we left out so late for the park, we didn’t get to look around the buildings but we did hire a semi-motorised, 4 seated peddle cart. My beloved was the first to get us going as he steered us around the park; well more or less dragged us through hell. Yes it was pretty scary at first. Mostly because it is small, open, has not doors or seat belts. When it turns the whole thing feels like it is going to topple over, if it doesn’t feel like its about to topple, you feel like you are going to slide of the vehicle. However, my bf did drive it pretty crazy, I think he was trying to give my mother a nervous breakdown as she was screaming for most of the time he was driving. I found it hilarious. He was swerving from the left to right, breaking really hard so we all nearly went flying, getting too close to pedestrians, using no breaks when going down hill which felt like we was driving at 100mph. Yes he was crazy. But all so fun at the same time.

When it got to my turn I was a little more controlled with my driving, just to give my mother some of her sanity back. The driving part was definitely most fun. Firstly, when you are controlling the vehicle, you do not realise the speed as much cause you are in control and know you are doing just fine. That’s probably why my bf driving felt so much worse than it was because we had no control over the cart. Secondly, I had the honour of being able to take the bad boy on the road (ok it wasn’t the main, main road, just little tiny road in the park). This is when my bf and mother started piping in saying “be careful” “don’t crash” “use your brake now!”. They were concerned that I was going to hit one of the parked cars, or that I would lose control when going around corners. But honestly, I knew what I was doing and I never crashed once.

So yes, if you do go to Villa Borghese, hire a cart, bike or segway out. You’ll have loads of fun, plus it cuts out some of the walking. Also it was only 25euros for 1 hour which actually was plenty of time. The rest of our time at he park we spent taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. You can find some of these on my instagram page. This park, like Trastevere, has made me reconsider the not so nice traits about Rome as it really is beautiful, quite big, and the surrounding vicinities are nice also. I still think that the Rome council should invest more money on keeping the streets clean, and businesses should at least try and keep their areas clean. But other than that, there is a lot of beauty in Rome and a lot of fun to be had!

Today we plan to go to the beach. Not sure if I will go in the water however as it is a bit cooler today and more cloudy. But we shall see. I do feel like a bit of a swim so I may have to grim and bare the cold water and dive right in.

Thanks for reading.


DD x


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