Dinning in Trastevere

Good afternoon all (or morning/night depending on where you are in the world). Today is a good day. Do you know why? Because my humongous mosquito bites are finally going down. I don’t think I mentioned it previously, but I tend to react badly to mosquito bites, and like the idiot I sometimes am, I forgot to bring repellent and antihistamine tablets. I don’t know, I assumed because it is technically autumn (although hot like summer) the mosquitos would be dead, or hibernating or doing whatever they do during the colder seasons. But no, they are most definitely out, and loving the taste of my blood. But anyway, I went and got some antihistamines and after taking one yesterday, I have woken up this morning with next to none swelling. This is amazing provided that yesterday the swelling was around 4cm in diameter. All I have now is some deep red bruising and a little bit of itching sensation. I am  happy girl. So the moral of the story guys is to be prepared, if the weather is nice even in the winter on your holiday, take some bug repellent and antihistamine, especially if you swell up like I do.

So yesterday. In the day we just chilled had ourselves a little rest then in the evening we headed to Trastevere town. And what a little gem it is. Rather than being like the rest of Rome (pretty dirty and graffiti written) it has such an authentic feel with its cobbled streets and old building, plants hanging like blankets over the alley ways. Little market stores, café’s, restaurants a pubs. This is the kind of place I imagined for Rome. So if you have time, go and visit Trastevere for a lovely day out. Hopefully we will be going back for some lunch unless we find somewhere else in Rome to sweep us off our feet.

We did eat out there at Da Poeta. It was researching places to eat and this place had good reviews so we went to eat. I ordered the Supplí for starter and a Pizza for my main, then we headed to a café for some ice cream for dessert. Now I have to say Da Poeta, in all honesty was a disappointment for me, much like a lot of the food I have tasted in Rome, it just doesn’t have that same wow factor that the food does in other part of Italy. It doesn’t ring of the memories I had when I visited Italy when a was a young girl. I am not sure whether it is because food standards have decreased in Italy  like it has in other parts of the world within the last 10 years, or is it because Rome is generally not so great when it comes to food compared to the rest of Italy.

For instance, the cheese is just like the cheese we get in England, as in not to the standard of Italy. The mozzarella on my pizza was really chewy and resembled plastic cheese, and the sauce on the pizza was nothing special, just your bog standard pasta sauce. It wasn’t jam-packed with flavour like I can remember from Italy all those years ago. I am just disappointed with the food. Rome is or has become more commercial, much like most capitals in every country.

But despite the disappointing food, I am still happy we came here because if I never chose that place to eat, we would have never seen the all so charming Trastevere. One again, I highly recommend you going, not necessarily for the food, but for the spectacular atmosphere.

Today we will probably head to a park, not 100% sure. We shall see where the mood takes us.

Thanks for reading


DD x


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