Vatican City!

Yesterday was a wonderful day as we had the pleasure of visiting both the Vatican museums and St Peter’s Basilica. And again what a wonder it was. Not in the sense that I was completely gob-smacked by it’s beauty. But more surprised by the amount of statues, paintings, and mostly pagan things there are. Yes it was beautiful but it is talked about so much that when you go, you tend to over anticipate what you expect to see.

The Sistine chapel, was just a room with lots of beautiful paintings. I am not discrediting the talent of the artists, especially the paintings from Michael Angelo. The quality is to the highest, and it is a fine reminder of the major stories in the bible (the ones I could work out). But it was just a room of paintings. I believe most people sing it’s praises because going into the chapel has more of a spiritual meaning which increases the euphoria aspect to viewing the chapel. I on the other hand am not a Catholic, thus to me it was like viewing a really awesome art gallery.

To me the Egyptian museum was more up my street, especially the real life mummy and the extravagant coffins. I was just surprised by how much work the Egyptians put into the dead, making a fine home for them and spending all that time embalming them when they are simply dead and gone. I had to think to myself, I wonder if they ever imagined that there bodies would one day end up in a museum admired by many from all over the world. Imagine in the future, my grave gets dug up and I end up in the museum of some futuristic museum. Pretty cool and mad at the same time. Perhaps I should marry a prince and put it in my will to be embalmed when I die so the chances of being the centre piece in a museum are increased haha!

When you walk through all the museums please remember to look up. The ceilings are truly amazing. I never knew someone would spend so much time decorating the ceilings. You don’t find such extravagance in modern architecture anymore. I doubt any of our buildings will be preserved in the future and made into a museum. Another part of the museum tour is the room with all the statues of Greek Gods. Hercules and Zeus are there of course, Hercules in Gold carrying the skin of a lion. Showing his strength as always.

Also there is a long corridor that is slightly sloping with an arched ceiling completely covered in paintings. It looks fantastic and had me wondering how they did it. Was it a case of building a large scaffolding and painting upside down, or painting on some material and sticking that material to the ceiling?

Walking around all the museums did take some time and when we did eventually finish we wondered how to get to St Peter’s Basilica. It took us a while, but what you have to do is head back out of the main entrance to the museums, turn left and follow the Vatican wall all the way around until you come to the opening of the Basilica. We was really happy that we found it in the end because it really is something. Especially inside the cathedral. Its pretty huge and has exquisite décor and many statues that must have taken so long to craft.

I am so happy that I came to the Vatican and had a look around. It is well worth seeing, and if you can see it on World Tourist Day it will only cost you 4euros. A bargain if you ask me. I probably won’t visit it again, once you have seen it once, unless you are going for worship and prayer, there is really no point in seeing it again. But if you have a bucket list, love art, history and buildings, then add this to you list, I highly recommend going to Vatican City!

Today I am not really sure what we are going to do, probably go out shopping and for something to eat, we will see where the day takes us. But remember to check out my instagram for more regular updates.


DD x


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