Monday was a Lazy day

So yesterday, we didn’t really do much, just went to the supermarket to buy food for the week. We cooked, had lovely chicken fillets with chips and salad. I am sorry guys, I was enjoying the food so much I forgot to picture it! We had ice cream and cake for dessert and settled down for a movie before retiring to bed.

Today will be more action packed as we are going to Vatican City!!!

I am so excited for it, not sure what to expect, I assume it will be beautiful, but you never really know until you go and see. Also it will feel even better because it is World Tourist Day, so the museums are free or very cheap. Everything feels so much better when the price is right. I will definitely be taking lots of photos for you guys (of course I won’t be in those photos, you know me, I don’t want t reveal my self just yet :p ). And we definitely have to get some gelato ice cream. Get a taste of reality.

So yes, I am looking forwards to today, and will update you guys tonight. To get live updates, remember to check out my instagram @nielleberry.

Talk to you later


DD x


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