Rome is finally here!

25/09/16 – 1045 – Plane Ride

Hello everyone! Long time no speak. I know I have been in hiding, but I have to say, things have been quite hectic recently. Good hectic though. But I am back for the time being. And hopefully back with some posts that you’ll enjoy reading. Now if you remember or read any of my previous posts, I wrote one in the excitement of a trip that I had planned to Rome. And yes, you guessed it. That time has finally come. I am now on the way to Rome!!! SO. EXCITING!

It’s funny that this is my very first time writing to you guys from the comfort of a not so luxurious plane, and I have to say it is quite something. The view from up here of Italy is so beautiful. I imagined it to be more desert like, much like seeing Spain from the sky but in actual fact it is more like England, with much more green than I expected. Yes I have been to Italy before, when I was younger, but as you can imagine, the view from the plane is not a memory that currently resides in my long-term memory. The view of the mountains covered in snow is a new experience to me also. I never knew mountains could look so magnificent.

The more populated parts of Italy from up here is not so attractive, which makes me wonder what it will look like on the ground… I am more of a nature girl myself, so even the most so-called “stunning” cities don’t look much of anything from the sky. However, I am a fan of historical stone or wood buildings, but all these modern architecture with glass, metal and plastic everything certainly does not tickle my fancy. That’s one of the reasons I am excited to visit Rome, its full of history and old ruins. How can one not fall in love?

I plan to take a lot of photos on this trip and share my experiences with you. You can check these out on my instagram @nielleberry. My posts should be updated every day provided I have access to the internet. It may help you decide whether or not you would one day like to visit Rome.

25/09/16 – 1728 – The apartment

Well, that was a bit of a surprise. The lovely Rome is not so Lovely on passing. I mean the green scenery is gorgeous, the trees are unique, but there is graffiti EVERYWHERE! On all the walls, on the metro, on people’s white vans, just everywhere. Well not everywhere, it seems they are slightly God-fearing as there is no graffiti on Churches. And they seem to not tag people’s cars, well the nice ones anyway. I did wonder if it was because we were driving through the slums of Rome, but even when we got to Termini Train Station, lo and behold, graffiti on every wall. And not even the nice kind that takes people with an artistic flair to create, but the horrible kind where it looks like a babies first drawing. But I will give it a chance, when we go sight seeing perhaps it will be nicer.

Anyway, using public transport is pretty easy in Rome, I can’t complain. We found our way to the apartment pretty easily. It took us a little while to work out which bus stop to go to as it seems on both sides of the road, it shows the whole bus route rather than just the bus stops that the bus will be travelling to. And the crossings are pretty dangerous. Mainly because a green man doesn’t mean no cars will come. Cars will still pass you by while you try to dodge traffic. It also doesn’t help when you keep looking the wrong way because you’re British so are used to cars driving on the opposite side of the road!

Now please don’t be deterred by my negative talk of Rome, I am just so used to London, I never realised how high of a standard it has. I took it for granted and now I can understand why people like to holiday in London; even though it is over priced, it is very clean and looks really attractive with our old buildings and parks. The public transport is really easy to use, there are maps everywhere so there is no excuse to getting lost.

But yes, back to Rome and our apartment. I can safely say that I really like the apartment, it’s very big and spacious, very charming and cool so will not be too hot in the night. It has a lovely kitchen, no living room however, but lots of verandas so you can sit and bath in the lovely sun. And yes even though it is the middle of autumn, the weather is gorgeous! I am very pleased about that. It’s also not too far from the center of Rome so you don’t need a car to stay here which is a massive bonus for us.

I am pleased that I have come to Rome, despite my negativity. I needed a holiday, and visiting Rome is on my bucket list so at least I can say I have done that. I look forwards to exploring Rome in the next few days. More posts will follow and follow me on Instagram for picture updates.

God Bless


DD x



  1. Since you are a nature girl, get outside of Rome and go up into the hillside small towns, like Castiglion Florentino. Rome honestly doesn’t speak of the beauty of Italy. Go to small towns and explore their local flavor. Enjoy what else Italy has to offer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely want to do that next time I come to Italy. I remember when I was younger, Italy was beautiful. Next time I’ll document it’s beauty and savour the flavours lol 😆


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