To my love, with love, Keturah

To my love

The very essence of you touch still lingers in the air. Not knowing when you may return, when I will see you again. Yet my memories are alive as if you never left. The day we met…

Could I ever forget the look on your face? Fascination mixed with curiosity. Your skin so smooth, smile so subtle, eyes so brown they were almost black, yet filled with emotion, hidden desires, un knowing secrets, pain, love, and a thirst for passion.

Passion. Words can’t describe how you made me feel passion. A passion unbeknown to my own soul, a passion that I never knew even existed. A passion that makes one pray for the minutes to feel like hours, hours to feel like days, days to feel like years, and for time to slow right down to this one moment. Reliving it, over and over.

I remember the first words you said to me, ‘’ the deep pit consumed by loneliness no longer exist when the pit you’re in is the spirit of happiness’’. I never knew what that meant until now. I’m alone in this room, yet my heart smiles as I reminisce the time we spent. My desires are only one, to be back in that room, back on that bed, listening to that music, feeling the warmth of your breath on the small of my neck. Feeling the touch of your fingers in the groove of my back, so smooth, so soft but a burning deep inside from the lust that collects in my bosom. My eyes wide shut in anticipation of you kiss. But you never did kiss me that day, you just left me in that dark room, your smell on the pillow; sweet yet musk. The tingle of your touch still present on my back and the coolness of your breath still tantalising my neck. I left that day in complete mesmerisation of how you left me. Needing you more than the very air I breathe.

Then you came to me in my dreams, standing there, the definition of beauty, calling me to you. But I never came. I woke up and opened my front door. You were there. That thirst much stronger on the surface of your eyes. You closed the door behind you and lead me to my room. It was pitch black. I saw nothing, I heard nothing. In my mind’s eye you was gone, and all I could hear was the loudness of my breathing, and the thudding of my heartbeat. Until I felt it. The cool of your breath, the tingle of you touch, the thudding of your heart in time with mine. I was rooted to the spot. You unbuttoned my shirt revealing my breast. You touch them so softly like a feather, making me quiver and my nipples growing hard, my head falling back, my breathing so deep. You lead me to the bed and came on top of me. Kissing my neck grabbing me, licking me. And so I gave in. I gave into your touch, I gave in to your thirst and satisfied my hunger. The kiss of your lips tender but forceful. Oh and how your body felt on top of mine. I parted my legs as an invitation. Your tongue caressed my breast lighting me on fire. Then you entered.

My love. My words can’t go on until we meet again. Please write soon for I long to hear your words. Of love, of passion, of thirst.

Your spirit of happiness




  1. This is so very well written? I love the unraveling of events and the way you’ve reminisce. Keep writing, your pieces are inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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