No meaning. Just thoughts.

This is a poem that I posted on an old blog of mine. And reading through it I really like it. Mostly because the poem is not in my usual style. And secondly, because it reflects how scattered unsettling thoughts can create art. I was feeling depressed of some sort when I wrote this poem and as always, my emotional states tend to produce a poem. But anyway, have a read. No meaning.  Just thoughts.

Going into the deep.
Bottomless pit,
Drowning in blue waters.
One last time, trying to fit
Into a world, place or space.
Falling into that one last sleep.

Timeless warp of unsettling feelings.
Dashing around, falling. I’m falling.
The heart beat is scattered.
Surrounding. Incomplete. Battered.
And the feelings I’m feeling have no meaning.

So the journey continues.
Colours all around me.
Float up and up out of the water.
I’m fading, disappearing,
Can anybody see me?

Then the final call.
The sound so eerie.
My name unrecognisable.
Existence I’m fearing.

I am no longer here.
The call was said.
The curtain closed.
But I’m not dead.

Just a vessel. A shell
A body to live in.
Used by the spirits.
Yet still not fitting.

Thanks for reading

God bless.

DD x


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