Eat. Sleep. Repeat

eat sleep repeat

For the past 8 days I have been blogging at least one post everyday and it has been both challenging and exciting. Though much of the help comes from the everyday inspiration course, thinking of new posts every day and new ways to present and write my posts, I believe, has helped me to improve my writing. Yes a lot of the time I feel my writing can be a little dry, and there are moments where I worry that my posts are becoming repetitive or boring. But I keep writing anyway, and you guys keep supporting me with you likes and comments, reminding me that maybe, just maybe my writing isn’t so bad after all. And perhaps one day could be quite good!

But what do I do when I am away from the computer?


I eat.

I sleep.

Then repeat.

OK. So that is not ALL I do. But in my typical everyday life, I don’t do too much exciting things. Not because I don’t like to do things, but because I am at a point in my life where I am transitioning and trying to move through the next phase; gaining a solid career.  I spend a lot of time job hunting, and researching ways in which I can gain experience in a clinical setting. And of course I have my actual current job which I recently went part-time in to focus on my career goal (becoming a clinical psychologist).

But still, I guess that’s still not ALL I do.hermit crab by karaszkun

I talk with my friends (well best friend/boyfriend who you guys had the pleasure to meet through his post dear readers). We laugh A LOT which really helps to clear my mind and think of other things other than my blog and career goals. I talk with my family (mainly mom and dad) which is important. If I didn’t then I really would be a hermit, never coming out of her room except to eat, clean and go to work.

I like to go to the cinema occasionally, go shopping, bike ride, visit my beloved in his home town London (the joys of being in a longish distance relationship). I used to dance, but it has been a few years since I did that, but it is definitely something I want to get back into. Dancing has a way of relaxing you and enables you to express what ever emotion you are overcome with, through movement. I like to go gym, weight train a bit and do a bit of cardio. I have a secret fear of getting fat. I am not a gym fanatic, I actually haven’t been gym for a couple of weeks now, but I do need to exercise every other day in some form to keep the weight at a happy level.

But all these combination of things help me to refresh my mind and focus on other things other than writing. And in doing that, when I return to the keyboard, new things have happened (even the very smallest of changes) that help me to write a new post. And of course it can be hard, but it is in those moments away from the computer when my subconscious is collating data ready for my heart, mind and soul to spew out to you guys in this blog.

Thanks for reading.

God bless

DD x




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