Dear readers

Hello all! Today I have asked my beloved to write a post for me. He is going to do it in the form of a letter to yourselves. I have been trying to get him to write a post for some time now and thank God this day has finally come! I wanted him to write a post, not only to give you a different perspective to the way I write, but also to give you guys a chance to get to know him that bit more; not only through my writings, but through his own. I hope you enjoy, I know I will, God bless, DD x

Dear Readers

I’m sitting at the computer, fingers poised over the keyboard. What can I possibly write that does justice to this blog? I mean, it actually boggles the mind! (as the great Victor Meldrew often says). Every sentence I write is followed by a swift ‘BACKSPACE BACKSPACE, DELETE ALL’ . Why can’t I just speak my mind? Why can’t U just simply convey my thoughts to you on paper? What is holding me back? DD has asked me several times to write a post on her blog, and without fail, every single time I manage to sliver my way out. My God, If it wasn’t for the starch in these clothes, I think my spineless body would crumble to the floor.

But now, I think the time has come for me to change. I’m a 22-year-old law student who needs to take life by the cojones. 1st step on my high-speed journey is DD’s blog. In the coming weeks to months, I will share my life with you. We all will feel the blood, sweat and tears.

My life has been filled with sadness, pain and heartache. But this has made me the man I am today, and for that I am proud. I look forwards to divulging to you, my challenging past and how I battled my fears and nightmares.

Till we meet again…

DBS (AKA beloved)


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