Stop worrying! You haven’t exploded yet…

It’s posts like the above that remind me to put my life in perspective. After all, I haven’t exploded yet…

but you could combust into flames at any moment, it is definitely possible.

DD! Come back down to earth. You are not a star, you are just a human being with a very normal, easy life.

Oh, so you are telling me I’m not special? Way to put a girl down!

That is the kind of internal battle that goes on in my head. And perhaps some of you can relate. So yes, I have a not so cheerful side. But I am sure you guessed that from some of my previous posts. So here are a few things to know about-the not so cheery-me,

  1. I can be very negative
  2. I can be extremely paranoid at times, just last night my beloved was telling me how paranoid I can be.
  3. I have a tendency to think the worst of many situations remember the panic rage post?
  4. I worry about a lot in life. At present those worries surround work/careers. What career will I have? When will I start my career? What if I never get a good career? I guess my degree was for nothing. Will I ever be able to buy a house? Why are other people my age doing so much better and are more established? And the list goes on and on.

These are the kind of things that go on in my head. Not to say that I am all bad. I do like to have fun and be spontaneous and adventurous. I can have days when I don’t worry at all (rare occasions). And though I worry a lot, I still try to enjoy much of my life. Heck if I worried without having fun I think I would be a nervous wreck. So for all you worrier’s out there, what things do you tend to worry about? Do quotes like the above help you to put your life in perspective? What activities do you take to distract your mind from worrying?

Thanks for reading.

God bless.

DD x



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