Where do I write?

20160619_204558I have to say, for someone who loves to write (when her brain is functioning properly), I don’t have a very inspired writing spot. Literally, in my room laid on my double bed, wireless keyboard across my stomach, knees up unde my covers, and my Lenovo all in one PC on the very rickety (sure to collapse one day) desk next to my bed.

20160619_205714As I said, not all that inspired.

I did however recently purchase a new laptop which I hope to take with me specially on my holidays and visits to London to see the beloved. That way I can stay connected with you guys and share my experiences. Moreover, being in my room does not always help my imagination. And thus writing on th go should help me to get some new perspective, spark different memories, entice my senses and hopefully help new material. I want to grow as a writer and broaden my horizon, thus I figured the only way to do that is to write in different settings (or at last take notes in different settings)

I have my phone of course, thus I can take more photos which I hope to share with you guys along the way. But seriously. I’m feeling kind of dry at the moment. Reading back over my post “I write because…“, I just feel that I am not fulfilling what I was feeling when I wrote that post. This probably is due, mostly, to the fact that I am quite low at the moment but don’t really want to bombard you with scripts of melancholy.

So I am reaching out to you guys for new ideas. What should I write about? What would you like to read from me? What topics should I focus on? Would you like me to try to write in a different form? What ever you thoughts, I am completely open to new ideas. You can send me emails or leave me comments on this post for your ideas.

Hope you are all enjoying you day.

God bless.

DD x


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