20 things I just love to like

In no particular order:

  1. Spending time with my beloved. Literally, we could be laid in bed silent and it still feels so good except when we’re in a mood with eachother, that does feel so good 😛
  2. Catching up with childhood friend Briela.
  3. Having deep discussions with the mother about God.
  4. Eating, cooking and more eating, oh and of course cooking.
  5. Watching people in the public and trying to create a back story based on their expressions and body language (creeper alert!).
  6. Bike rides, mostly short flat road rides that don’t make me tired…
  7. Picking scabs (seriously gratifying, I would say picking my nose, but scab picking is way better).
  8. Twirling my hair around my fingers, so soft and fluffy.
  9. Reading. The great escape from life.
  10. Writing! One thing I think we are all united on.
  11. Singing in the shower, or out of the shower. Serously who doesn’t love to sing? I didn’t say I could sing in tune however.
  12. Watching various TV shows, particularly K-dramas or J-dramas
  13. Sitting in silence and staring at nothing. Those deep thinking sessions can get me lost sometimes.
  14. Visiting new places.
  15. Falling asleep on public transport (Just feels so good! Aspecially on the tube or bus)
  16. Speaking in a baby voice with my beloved (you no wuv me, you just a meany to me awll day! mmm! I no your fwend anymore).
  17. Pulling silly faces when taking pictures.
  18. Taking pictures.
  19. Sexual intamacy with Mr beloved not that it gets to happen too often.
  20. Banter, banter and more banter!

Thanks for reading

God bless.

DD x




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