I write because…

fill your paper

When you have all these thoughts and feelings whizzing in your mind, and you want to express them, you want to explain, you want to verbalise what you are feeling and thinking inside. But you can’t. The words won’t come out. Your tongue is glued to the roof of your mouth, and your voice is trapped in the pit of your stomach unable to find its way out. But the knight in shining armour comes to your rescue, a pen and paper, a keyboard at the tip of your fingers. And suddenly you find the words, the voice, expression. You’re no longer stuck, but are suddenly freed from the prison of voicelessness. Your pen is your expression, and the keyboard your voice.

That is the reason I write. For when I write, I am able to say things that my voice will never let me speak. I am able to express things that my mind won’t let me say. I am able to share things that my heart won’t let me reveal.

And I will continue to write, as a release of all my emotions. I want to grow through my writing, get better improve, transform. I know that I am in my infancy as a blogger-“writer”-expressionist. And I may never reach adulthood with regards to writing. But for as long as I have working hands, and a functional mind. I will continue to write. This is why I write.

Thanks for reading.

God bless,

DD x



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