From under her hermit shell she comes.

ave women

If there is anyone out there, I am here, alive and well!

I have been under some serious hiding lately and I can’t say I am proud. I cannot believe that it has been nearly a whole year since my last post. Where did the time go? I kept telling myself, “don’t worry DD, you’ll get back on the bandwagon in a week”. Then a week turned to lots of weeks upon weeks, months upon months.  I have left it so long, I now feel like I have forgotten how to write. But I shan’t give up. I will continue to write my thoughts and events, my journey through life on this blog. If not for those of you who may be listening, for my self. After all, this is my online diary. And a diary serves as a great way to look back on life passed.

So what have I been up to this past year? Well, off the top off my head, not much! There have been some ups and some downs. New life, and life past away. New jobs, new people, reconnection and the most vital thing, sleep. Lots of it! But hey, nothing alien to the average human being.

I plan to update you on my past year with individual posts, hopefully my hunger for writing will be so huge, the words will just keep flowing out. So yes, this is my little update to those of you who still remember me. I have finally come out of my hermit shell, and I am back for good…

Well, I am back for now haha, after all, Life is an unexpected journey. Who knows what the future holds?

Peace and love and happiness to you all,

God Bless x



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