Dearest Peggy

When we look out onto a beautiful horizon, and loved ones passed come to mind.

I came home from work today and thought about dearest Peggy. Peggy was my Beloved’s grandmother. She was one of the sweetest most kind person I have ever met, who passed away last year. I still can’t believe she is gone, but I am truly blessed to have gotten to know her be it for only a short time. I know that we will meet again one day when we meet the Lord on that glorious day. But until then, her memory will serve as a comfort.  When she passed I wrote a poem for her. I was supposed to read it at her funeral, but sadly I was unable to go. So I will share this poem with you guys. I hope you enjoy it. And hopefully, you will get to know her, if only a little, through this poem.

To dearest Peggy, how we loved you so,

The sweetest smile, a kiss that you blow.

To dearest Peggy, how we loved you so,

Remembrance of all the things you know.

The stories you tell, you’re a theatrical flower,

Recapturing the minds, drawing attention and power.

The poems you speak with an actress flair,

The wavering hand, your deepening stare.

Your beauty so great, your kindness so pure,

The friends you make, the memories we store.

The songs you sing with such passion and meaning,

Understanding the LORD well with your journeying with him.

Remembering his grace, explaining his mercy,

Showing his love, through your own special testimony.

I’ve never met a women, with the boldness you have,

Shyness doesn’t hinder you, but the LORD’s strength is what guides you.

Remember at Ash Burnham, when they said we could talk,

You got off you seat, and started to walk.

Frail and slow, but determination as your guide,

You started to laugh with Rachael by your side.

Then Rachael resided back to her seat, you suddenly came alive,

I’m 92 you proclaimed with joy, thanking the LORD that you thrive.

Your smile so lovely, your eyes so bright,

You spoke with an abundance of happiness and light.

The first time we met, I was skeptical of course,

A women of your era I expected more force.

But to my surprise, you cupped my face,

The most gentlest of touches, with so much grace.

And since then, that’s all I have noticed of your presence,

The calm you bring, with great healing, nothing but great pleasure.

You was such great company, eternally adored,

But we don’t have to fear, we know you are with the LORD.

As you peacefully sleep, in wait for his embrace,

When he’ll call your name, to meet him face to face.

We may cry, for your loss we mourn,

As we cry, no more memories to form.

But we know you’ll be in our hearts,

Sweet memories please never part.

It hurts to know you’ll be here no more,

And the thought of your death cuts deep to the core.

But in God we trust, sweet Jesus we know,

Peggy was your child, we say goodbye but soon hello.

Cause will come a time, when we step to heavens gate,

And we’ll meet again, so long we walk straight.

So that’s my hope for each one of use that truly do miss her,

To walk with the LORD, give him our life, so we may all be together.

So farewell old friend, goodbye fo now, soon to say hello,

To dearest Peggy, sweet smiling Peggy, how we love you so!

I hope you enjoy the poem. Still hurts that she’s gone. But in Christ we have so much hope. Until we meet again Old friend.

God bless x



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