Do I have to change?

stubborn muleToday’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

This task I am finding quite difficult as I really feel like my title and tagline is what it should be, so I am going to be stubborn and not change it…for now. But as I change and hopefully become less stubborn I may find  a title and tagline that is even more fitting to my blog and its vision.however for the time being I will explain to you why I have chosen the current title and tagline I have right now.

When I was making this blog I changed the title and tagline many times. they all said the same things, but I just didn’t feel like it was said in the right way. Then it finally came to me, and I felt these where what I was looking for.

So my title Life: An unpredictable Journey, basically explains what my blog is supposed to be about. Me, my life and my journey that I know for a fact will be unpredictable. It’s a broad title that encompasses all the different things I hope to express, from funny stories, to world events, to my personal life events and of course random thoughts that may cross my mind.

The tagline Jesus the only security in my life is the only thing that I believe to be stable, permanent and most of all secure. Even though I constantly change, even though I have doubts and even when I may not even acknowledge his presence, he is always there, gently pushing me forward. My security. And I know, no matter how far I may fall from righteousness, he will always pick me back up.

So there you have it, my tagline and title and a snippet into one of my flaws, stubbornness.

Thanks for reading

God Bless

DD x



  1. Hi @danielleduberry,
    What an amazing post! Scrolling down the #blogging101, your cartoon captured all my attention. I just thought it has a big story behind it. I love how you start your post and why you say so. I also love your title so much. As you said, it is a broad one including lots of things inside, and unpredictable, too as life be.

    I followed your blog to read more of your adventures in life.
    Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

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