A mouse in the house


Today I thought I’d share a story with you about my gorgeous cats. I have three beautiful cats. Well had three beautiful cats which is now two beautiful cats. Sadly one of my babies died not too long ago but that’s a sad story for another day. So I have two beautiful cats and they are very unique characters as I am sure most cats are.  Now before the passing of Uno, Dos and Tres would never bring in mice. But since she passed, it seems they are now trying to be the underdog. Except they are not very good at it.

On this occasion Tres was the treasure bringer. However this treasure was still alive. Now I know most people with cats are used to them bringing them a dead mouse for a present. And if you’re really lucky they may bring it you alive. However my cats didn’t bring this mouse for us. They bought it for themselves. And then they lost the damn mouse, ALIVE, in our house.

Now at the time we wasn’t aware there was an alive mouse in our house. The only person that had her suspicions was my mother, but we all thought she was being paranoid, turns out she was right and we were wrong.

We were all upstairs when we heard a scream. Mom was screaming that Tres has a mouse in her mouth. So Tres ran to the bottom floor, and dropped the mouse, then the mouse ran under the sofa chair and somehow gnawed its way inside the chair. Both Dos and Tres were both trying and failing miserably to attain the mouse which resulted in them giving up.

Well my mother was freaking out. And I admit there was the odd moment when a vision of a mouse creeping into my bed did enter my mind. But I was able to push those thoughts  aside. My mother on the other hand, with her fear of mice, I doubt she slept much that night.

So we all failed to get the mouse, mostly because we didn’t want to touch the mouse with our hands. So we decided to leave it, hoping the cats would get it sometime in the night.

Well morning came. I was on my way downstairs and there it was, the mouse, crawling on the basket, and the cats just watching it. Man my cats were acting pathetic, couldn’t then take it outside. Anyway I called my dad and together we carried the basket with our pinkies outside and set the mouse free. Bravo! We could all relax.

Or could we?

No. We couldn’t relax just yet. The famous scream came once again from my mother as she exclaimed the cats had bought in another mouse. However this mouse was far more injured due to the beating my cats had given it. It neither ran or escaped  but crawled helplessly to the corner or the ground floor staircase.  So me and my father once again had to rescue the poor damsel. And as we did we almost killed the mouse! We dropped it down a flight of stairs.

I am so sorry little mousey for the extra damage we caused you.

Finally we managed to take it outside and place it deep in the bushes to hopefully allow itself to recuperate. Hopefully it made its way home alive. As for my cats, I haven’t witnessed another mouse catch from them since. Though we all know it’s not the end.

Thanks for reading.

God bless

DD x











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