Freaky cellar

tmp_17563-10556230_802188726494740_3437716481801941043_n996095893 Yesterday at work I had a slightly weird experience. As some of you may well know, I clean for a living; well more to save money so I can fulfil my dream of travelling the world 🙂 Anyway. Because it’s the summer break for most university students, we tend to get lots of contracts to clean student accommodation. And this particular house we had to clean was filthy!

Lucky for me, I had the morning off so wasn’t stuck with the task of having to clear out the rubbish. I am told that there were maggots everywhere in the kitchen. Rotten meat. Mouldy walls and everything else disgusting you would associate with students whom obviously like their shelter to resemble a trash can. I was, however left with the task of cleaning the cellar.

Now this wasn’t a cellar that had been gutted and redecorated. It was more the type of celled you’d expect an exorcism to take place, minus the chains, candles and Jesus cross. It was full of cobwebs, thick mountains of dust, cracks in all the brick exposed wall where the plaster had crumbled away. Eight legged freaks running for cover, seeking solitude by these cold cracks. The ceiling had visible pipes webbed throughout. And the floor obviously liked to accommodate vermin as it was dotted with rat droppings .

Yes! I had to clean that God forsaken place. And I’m not afraid to admit I was a little scared. Heck I was completely paranoid due to all the paranormal films I’d watched. So I hastily cleaned the cellar door, vacuumed the many cobwebs and the floor of the cellar landing rug ( which I might add had maggots in!!!!).  Then walked each step vacuuming as I went a long and finally the cellar. As I was doing so I came across a trap door which was locked, God knows the crazy things going through my head imagining what could behind it. So I took a photo.

tmp_17563-20150702_172917-2085763712 Then decided to take a photo of the cellar, to find my phone totally messed up. The pictures were all filtered, yet I didn’t change the setting. I checked whether I had done so accidentally but my settings stated auto.

tmp_17563-20150702_173040-26375127420150702_173036 20150702_173031Well, you can only imagine the things going through my head. I suddenly felt cold with the thought of a poltergeist in my midst. So I bolted, with the vacuum of course, up the stairs , out of the cellar, slammed the door behind me to the safe tranquillity of the passageway. My heart was beating super fast but at least iI felt safe.

Now I’m not saying there was actually any presence there at all, but seriously the brain can do some crazy things. My brain just  decided to sense a presence. Utter paranoia. All I can say is At least I’m not possessed.

I think…

Thanks for reading

God bless

DD x


  1. Oh geez! You had me running out the door with you!
    I had to report my landlady while in college because she left a dump in the backyard….so we had to listen to the rats in the attic. We at least kept the inside clean. We were evicted, BTW!

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