I have a degree!


Its official! After three years at university I now have a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Forensic Psychology!!!! I cannot believe it. I am so so happy. And I can tell you it was worth waiting the extra day because I was awarded an upper second (2.1) degree which is pretty good if you ask me.

I can’t take any of the credit mind. It all is down to the Lord of hosts Jesus Christ who allowed me such a great opportunity even though I didn’t deserve it. But true to his grace he granted me this amazing achievement. And of course with the help of my beloved, my friends and my family. But truly God is good!

I can’t say I know what I am to do with my life now… I mean I’m cleaning for a living and I had to move back in with my parents to save money. But hey! I have a degree! 😀 No complaints over here. Do not be fooled. I trust God has some plans for me in the future. I hope.

Anyway I will not let the worries of my future endeavours and career prospects take away my joy at this present moment.

I am overjoyed. So happy and eternally grateful.

Happy blogging

God bless x

DD x


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