Degree? What degree?


So yesterday was supposed to be the day that I finally find out what my degree signifies after three years of…not so hard work. Yes I am super lazy and it’s a wonder how I even completed a degree in the first place. I can only thank God for that. Not only was he the source of the little motivation I miraculously had on few occasions. But he is also responsible for bringing a certain somebody into my life (my beloved).

This special somebody has been a rock in times of utter chaos and dispar as well as a best friend and companion. It’s exactly what I needed to complete my final two years of my degree, which I’m pretty certain I would have quite if God didn’t bring him into my life (I name no names).

Anyway, enough of the sob story. I was supposed to get my degree. After seeing everyone’s posts on Facebook about how happy they are to get a first class degree or an upper second (2.1) degree, I just has to find out. So I logged on to university account, went to the module results page, searched for my results, and lo and behold I saw nothing! No classification, no degree results, no nothing. Grrrr, I could hear the adrenaline in my blood screaming at me due to the anticlimactic experience and my heart beat feeling tired from the uncalled for excitement. I really hate being disappointed 😦

So I called up my university and demanded an explanation for this injustice I’d been served. OK so I didn’t demand, but kindly asked whether they would explain why my degree had not been issued.  And so it turns out that they had forgotten me. My module results had not been sent to the awards director…. Don’t you just hate being forgotten? So now I patiently anxiously wait for my results to come. Hopefully I will be telling you later on today 😀

Happy blogging

God bless x

DD x









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